Our Experts


Danette Hoe, Sales Manager

High School:  Crescent Valley (Oregon)

Office: (808) 832-2074

Email:  danette.hoe@americancarpetone.com

Industry Experience:  2 years


Lori Shimabukuro, Sales Administrator/Merchandiser

High School:  Kaiser

Office: (808) 832-2035

Email: lori.shimabukuro@americancarpetone.com



Glenn Yamashiro, Flooring Consultant

High School:  McKinley

Office: (808) 832-2044

Email:  glenn.yamashiro@americancarpetone.com

Industry Experience:  27 years


Jared Van Keuren, Flooring Consultant

High School:  Kaiser

Office: (808) 832-2023

Email:  jared.vankeuren@americancarpetone.com

Industry Experience:  5 years

Loves Animals!!!



Maureen "Mo" Silva, Flooring Consultant

High School:  St. Francis

Office: (808) 832-2070

Email:  maureen.silva@americancarpetone.com

Industry Experience:  10 years


Wayne Okazaki, Flooring Consultant

High School:  McKinley

Office: (808) 832-2043

Email:  wayne.okazaki@americancarpetone.com

Industry Experience:  10 years



Roy Korenaga, Flooring Consultant

High School:  McKinley

Office: (808) 832-2041

Email: roy.korenaga@americancarpetone.com

Industry Experience:  10 years


Jenny Siaana, Flooring Consultant

High School:  Campbell

Office: (808) 832-2037

Email: jenny.siaana@americancarpetone.com

Industry Experience:  3 years



Jesse Aduan, Flooring Consultant

High School:  Upland (California)

Office: (808) 832-2039

Email: jesse.aduan@americancarpetone.com


Rockwell Rapada, Flooring Consultant

High School:  Mililani

Office: (808) 791-1608

Email: rockwell.rapada@americancarpetone.com



Robert McCue, Flooring Consultant

High School:  George Dewey (Philippines)

Office: (808) 791-1606

Email: robert.mccue@americancarpetone.com


Jadawn Perez, Commercial Project Manager

High School:  Crescent Valley (Oregon)

Office: (808) 832-2034

Email: jadawn.perez@americancarpetone.com

Married with 2 children and 1 cat

Passion for Interior Design

Enjoys beach combing, horseback riding, and cooking!



Kathi Hong, Insurance Specialist

High School:  Roosevelt

Office: (808) 832-2040

Email: kathi.hong@americancarpetone.com

Bilingual:  Japanese and English