Hardwood Installation

Let the experts at American Carpet One Floor & Home in Honolulu help you handle hardwood installation.

Hardwood Installation Services

You’ve found the hardwood floor of your dreams. Now it’s time to sit back and relax- and let the talented installation team at American Carpet One Floor & Home make your vision a reality.

There are many, many good reasons to leave this job up to our professionals. Your new hardwood floor can be a costly undertaking and investment: unless you’re a seasoned DIYer, mistakes made during installation can all too easily compromise the lifespan of your investment, not to mention your floor’s functionality and appearance. Opting for a professional installation also means you’ll be protected under one of our warrantee programs, since each floor is installed according to manufacturer’s strict specifications.

Your traditional hardwood floor requires a proper subfloor for successful installation, so professional installers will first and foremost need to either apply a new subfloor or address problem spots to assure level flooring. Only when the subfloor is properly established can the hardwood be applied, typically using a specialized nail gun.

With decades of experience under their belts, our crew of professionals are certified through the Certified Flooring Installers Association. We have the knowledge, talent, and tools necessary to install a floor you’re going to love for many decades to come. American Carpet One Floor & Home is proud to be Hawaii’s only flooring retailer offering in-house installation services.

Want to learn more? Call us today at (808) 832-2000, or stop by our showroom, located at 302 Sand Island Access Rd in Honolulu. You can contact us here as well.

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