Professional Carpet Cleaning

All you need to know about professional carpet cleaning.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

professional carpet cleaning HawaiiLike any significant investment in your home, taking good care of your carpet is essential to have them looking as good as new for many years to come. Did you know that The Carpet and Rug Institute recommends having a deep carpet cleaning every 18 months? In fact, many manufacturers will require deep cleaning to maintain your warranty. Deep cleaning is a good solution to revitalize your carpet and home by removing dust, dirt, bacteria, allergens, and other materials that have been embedded into the carpet fibers that can’t be removed through regular vacuuming. Here at American Carpet One, the cleaning method we promote our customers to use to keep their warranties is the Hot Water Extraction method. How does this method work? Learn more here. 

Hot Water Extraction Method

Many people believe that “steam cleaning” and “hot water extraction” are the same thing, but the reality is that they are entirely different. The Hot Water Extraction uses a powerful machine that heats water in a cleaning truck. A trained carpet cleaning expert will inject water and a cleaning solution into the carpet and remove dirt.  The machine then extracts the solution and the hot water out of the carpet so that it can dry quickly.  While there is visible steam from the hot water, it is the water doing the cleaning, not the steam.

The Hot Water Extraction method is not a DIY activity. In fact, in order to maintain your warranty, the process has to be performed by an IICRC Certified Technician. You may have seen the option of renting a machine to do the cleaning yourself. As tempting as this alternative sounds, you should know that these rental machines are never as powerful and efficient as the professionals. The biggest difference can be appreciated when the time to dry the carpet comes. The rental machines do not have the power to get carpets as dry as professional machines. This is a big problem because to prevent mold, stains and damage, it is important to get carpets as dry as possible after cleaning. With professional cleaning, carpets may be damp for a day or two afterward, while the rental machines can leave carpets damp for much longer. 

Do you have more questions about the Hot Water Extraction Method? Contact us today and discuss all your concerns with one of our flooring professionals. Don’t forget that following the proper cleaning method is the key to keeping your carpet warranty active. Also, it is important that you save all your receipts every time you get the carpet cleaned as evidence that the process is being done on a regular basis by a professional company.