Laminate Floors For Your Home

Advantages of Laminate

Laminate flooring is a popular alternative to traditional hardwoods, natural stone or ceramic flooring that looks remarkably like the real thing. Here are eight reasons why you should consider using laminate flooring in your home or office:

1. Ease. The top layer, or "wear layer" of laminate floors protects against staining. To keep your new flooring looking great for years to come, you just need to sweep or vacuum it regularly.

2. Put it anywhere! Laminate can be installed almost anywhere, including in basements as long as there is a moisture barrier in place. There is no need to remove existing flooring, except carpeting.

3. Fast Installation. With traditional hardwoods, the wood has to "acclimate" first; that is not the case with laminate flooring, which can be installed quickly.

4. Affordable. When you are on a budget but still want the look of hardwood, natural stones or ceramics, laminates are a great choice because they are less expensive than those other materials.

5. Built to withstand pressure. Laminates come in several layers, and are designed to withstand pressure without buckling or breaking, so they are great even for high-traffic areas.

6. Great for allergy-sufferers. Because laminate flooring is so easy to clean, it's great for people who suffer from allergies because dust, pet dander and allergens can just be swept or vacuumed away with ease.

7. Eco-friendly. Laminate floors do not have any impact on endangered or exotic species, and they are also manufactured from materials that would otherwise end up in landfills, making them a great "green" alternative.

8. Style. Whatever look you are going for, there is probably a laminate flooring option that can accomplish it. Available in a stunning array of finishes and with realistic visuals, you will likely find it hard to see a difference between laminates and real hardwoods or stones.

Discover for yourself why laminate flooring is a great, versatile choice for just about any flooring project.