Tile Options For Your Home

Tile For Your Home

New technology has made various types of home flooring tiles, including ceramic, porcelain, and stone, all competitively functional and fit for the modern home. Ceramic tiles were once the main option for flooring, and homeowners loved its customizability in color and design. Porcelain tiles are actually a variety of ceramic tile that was discovered to be particularly water resistant, making it a great option for moist areas like bathrooms and outdoor areas that can cause more absorbent tiles to freeze and crack at low temperatures. At this time, however, other types of ceramic tiles that have been recently manufactured can actually have an even higher density and water resistance than porcelain tiles, complicating the distinction between the two.

Stone tile has become more popular in recent years because of its natural elegance, with popular varieties such as marble and granite appearing more often in new and renovated homes. Ceramic tiles, including porcelain, can be designed to emulate the appearance of stone tile, but there are other property differences that can’t be copied. Stone tile can be among the most strong and durable of any variety, which makes it a great option in areas of the home with significant traffic or weight on the floor. It is a naturally more absorbent material, but a sealant can be applied to block water and stains from tarnishing the stone. Since the differences between tile types has leveled over the years, it is important to not only consider functionality but appearance when deciding on the right option for your home.

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