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Tile Installation 

Choosing the perfect tile for your next project is only part of the process; next is getting it installed. American Carpet One Floor & Home in Honolulu, HI has professional in-house installers to help you complete your tile project, as well as contractors to help you with custom projects. Not only can our flooring professionals help you find the perfect tile for your home, they can also guide you through what to expect during installation.

We have a large selection of in-stock tile including Emser and Surface Art.

How to Install Tile

Before your installation begins, our installers will do a moisture test in areas where moisture is high or on an as-needed basis. Bathrooms and basements are the most common areas we test. We always recommend talking to one of our flooring experts about what tile is best for places with a lot of humidity and moisture. For example, porcelain tile are best for bathrooms and laundry rooms because they have a lower absorption rate and will not expand due to contact with moisture. Tiles are normally dry-laid first to make sure they are correctly sized to the room, cut if needed, and then adhered to the floor with tile cement and grouted.

Where can Tile be Installed?

Tile is not just limited to the floors in your home, you can also have tile installed on your walls and outside as a patio. Wall tile is usually made of a specific type of ceramic tile that is light weight and can stick to your walls better. We offer porcelain tile that is durable enough to be used as an outdoor patio.

Tile Installation Options

Ceramic Tile options

Bathroom Tile

You can install tile on both your floors and walls, and we even have tile for custom shower stalls. Our flooring experts have an eye for design and can help you plan your next project.

belterra tile flooring

Kitchen Tile

Just like in your bathroom, tile can be installed on both your walls and floors in your kitchen. It is easy to clean, so accidentally spilling or dropping food is no issue, and they can handle heavy appliances. 

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