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Tile flooring on its own is a very popular option for many homes in Hawaii. Tile is durable, resistant to heat and moisture, and is easy to clean up. American Carpet One Floor & Home in Honolulu has a wide selection of tile flooring to choose from. We offer traditional tile options like porcelain, ceramic and stone and we also have trending styles like wood look tile. Wood look flooring is a popular category in the flooring market, and tile is no except to the authentic looks wood flooring delivers.

wood look tile

Wood look flooring has gained a lot of popularity. Homeowners love the distinct look of hardwood flooring, but actually having hardwood in the home can sometimes be a challenge. Wood look flooring has created a solution for that challenge, delivering authentic looking flooring that is also durable. Wood look tile is not a new flooring option, but because of advances in technology it looks more realistic than ever. Wood look tile flooring comes in different options like traditional tile sizes as well as plank options.

There are several benefits to having wood look tile flooring installed in your home. To begin with, tile is  a durable flooring option and when covered with the right glaze they can be resistant to scratching. Other benefits of wood look tile include moisture resistance as well as being very easy to clean and maintain overtime. Wood look tile can look like several different types of wood flooring, from traditional warm tones to trendy rustic weather worn looks. Like with most tiles, you can install wood look tile in places around your home such as kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, entryways, and even basements.

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